Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop

Located in Marinovich Park near downtown Watsonville, the Watsonville CSW has been operating for 13 years. Begun by Curt Gabrielson and staffed by several other Watsonville parents, WESW now has two additional permanent sites open altogether six days a week.

About 2/3 of the site’s funding is by the City of Watsonville Department of Public Works through mandated environmental education programs. The remainder of the funding comes through programs offered at the local school district, Pajaro Valley Unified School District and a few small grants. The WESW has broad community support from Council members to School board members to individual schools and individual families.

In addition to the open-door, open-structure program offerings, the site is entering the 7th year of its Students Teaching project, where high school students team up with a lead teacher and take the most popular projects to after-school programs at 14 local schools. WESW also participates in local events, goes on science-relevant field trips, and carries out occasional teacher training.


120 Second St.

Watsonville, CA

Contact: (831) 768-3256

For more information, please visit WESW’s website.