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We thought we’d share these great posts from our colleagues in the California Tinkering Network. The CSW Network is a participating member of “CTAN” as we call it, along with Techbridge, who authored the piece below on Huffington Post Blog. We fully agree that partnering with schools, hiring staff and role models, and working closely with families is key!

Want to Change the Face of Technology? Look to Our Girls

We also highly recommend this great piece from Shirin Vossoughi investigating “intellectual respect” in educational spaces designed for equity. Fascinating piece!

Intellectual Respect: Envisioning Alternative Educational Possibilities By Shirin Vossoughi

Shirin Vossoughi is an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, where she draws on ethnographic methods to study the social, cultural, historical, and political dimensions of learning and educational equity. As the daughter of Iranian immigrants, she is personally invested in the development of educational settings for youth from migrant, immigrant, and diasporic backgrounds. Building on her work as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and the Exploratorium, Vossoughi is currently studying equity-oriented after-school programs that blend scientific inquiry, literacy, and the arts. She takes a collaborative approach to research, partnering with teachers and students to study the conditions that foster educational dignity and possibility. (full article)

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