CSW’s offer a snapshot of #Nationofmaking across California

Today June 18th is an exciting day, with the first-ever Maker Faire at the White House, and President Barak Obama proclaiming, “If you can imagine it, then you can do it”. At Community Science Workshops across California, we’re participating in the National #DayofMaking in a variety of ways, including Tennis-Ball Aquifers, Biodomes, and Repurposed Chemical-Barrel Bikes.. Check it out!




















Above: Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop created bike-powered cars from broken trash cans, which will be rolling down Main St. in the Watsonville July 4th Parade!

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Meanwhile, the Sanger Community Science Workshop held a teacher training, during which teachers got to get down-and-dirty building Biodomes and water-filters. The biodomes and filters make great projects for the classroom, and are made out of recycled materials and populated with flora and fauna from local creeks!


Also at Grann’ys Workshop in Fresno, kids from a local school were in the workshop creating tennis ball aquifers, illustrating the power of wells to suck groundwater from long distances away!




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