CSW Network Unearths Gray Whale


Jocelyn lights up with the joy of discovery

On August 27th, the CSW Network brought together staff members, students, families, and educators from four CSW sites across the state to collaborate on unearthing a gray whale that washed up on Pescadero Beach this past June.

The whale, a 27 foot long juvenile, had been buried in the sand for two months when a group of around 50 volunteers came to dig it up on August 27th, 2011.  The skin and blubber layer of the whale was quickly peeled off, leaving a complete skeleton that the flies, maggots, and other animal and bacterial “helpers” had mostly cleaned before we arrived.

This event exemplified the opportunities for connection and collaboration arising out of membership in the CSW Network.  Helping to pull bones out of the sand and mark them for later re-assembly were high school and middle school students, staff, and the Director from the Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop; elementary students, families, staff members, and the Director from the Mission Science Workshop in San Francisco; high school students, adult volunteers, and the Director from the Greenfield Community Science Workshop; elementary students, parents, and the Director from the Oakland Discovery Centers; and students, adult volunteers, and the principal from Pescadero Elementary.

Articles covering the event appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Bay Area edition (see full article here) and in the Half Moon Bay Review (see full article here.)  Read both articles for more pictures of the whale bones, and for great quotes from CSW staff and students!

Click image to view photo album of the event