CSW Network & Mission Science Workshop Host Youth Access & Equity Research Meeting

The CSW Network is excited to be part of a NSF Science Learning+ project to develop a Youth Access & Equity Research & Practice Agenda, focusing on addressing equity issues for youth, ages 11-14, primarily from non-dominant backgrounds. The CSW Network teamed up with Mission Science Workshop to host educators and researchers working on building a US-UK Collaboration to understand the current equity challenges and opportunities that informal science institutions/organizations face, and the tools, resources, and strategies they use.

Meeting at Mission Science Workshop
Meeting at Mission Science Workshop









About Youth Access & Equity Research & Practice Agenda: Taking an ecological view of STEM learning as a sociocultural process of participation and transformation, the project will employ a Complex Adaptive System lens to document multiple pathways youth take (or not) within/across ISL settings over time, the impact these pathways have on learning and development, and their influence on ISL organizations themselves. These lenses will help us identify aspects of learning environments which shape youth access and development, and the value and impact of the equity ideas, tools and practices. Read More

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