CSW Network Featured in Exploratorium Tinkering Studio Hangouts


CSW Network Director Emilyn Green was recently featured as part of an expert panel in a series of interactive webinars discussing topics of space and equity with other practitioners in the informal science community. We’d like to thank our colleagues at the Exploratorium Tinkering Studio and Afterschool Alliance for inviting us to participate and be able to share what we’ve learned in the CSW community. See below for details and links to recordings of the hangout/webinars. Let’s keep this great conversation going!

On May 21st, Emilyn Green of the CSW Network joined Aaron Vanderwerff from Lighthouse Community Charter School’s Creativity Lab in Oakland, Lisa Yokana of Scarsdale High School in New York, and Rob McAdams with the University of Richmond to discuss making/tinkering spaces.  From the Exploratorium Tinkering Studio: “Getting a space up and running is only half the battle — staffing it with the right people, doing interesting things with the tools and technology can often get overlooked and sustaining the effort long term are other milestones you’ll be faced with…Link to Video Recording of Hangout

On May 27th, CSW Network Director Emilyn Green was featured on an expert panel in an Afterschool Alliance webinar on Equity in Making & Tinkering alongside Meg Escude, Director of Community Youth Programs with the California Tinkering Network, Exploratorium and Melissa Ballard, STEM Manager with the Afterschool Alliance. If you missed the webinar, here is a link to the video recording and STEM Equity resources guide.

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