CSW Maker Workshops

STEM-Rich Making And NGSS For The Science-Based Makerspace Program

Learn how to build an engaging STEM program for your school, classroom, after school program, library or informal program that is aligned to three-dimensional learning of California Next Generation Science Standards. Sponsored by the Community Science Workshop Network and SAM Academy.

  • Explore the progression of the crosscutting concept of Energy and Matter using STEM-Rich Making projects.
  • Understand concepts of Energy Transfer through physical and natural systems.
  • Design and build examples of ‘making’ type projects aligned to California NGSS.
  • Explore ‘informal science and engineering’ in the context of STEM as a social justice methodology.
  • Learn key English Learner strategies successful in a science-based makerspace.
  • Tinker with circuits and then design and build a prototype machines and bots.
  • Understand Science vs. Engineering practices.
  • CSW = Community Science Workshop = STEM Success!

• When:

2-Day Workshop July 6 & 7, 2017

1-Day Workshops July 15 or 22 8:30 am to 4:00 pm each day


CSW Network Campus

750 N St Sanger Ca 93657

• Registration: $298 per person for 2-Day $149 per person for 1-Day

*10% off for CSW Network Members

• University Credit Option (2-Day Course)

• Continental breakfast and lunch provided.




*For more info about these workshops or on becoming a member of the CSW Network email jerry@cswnetwork.org or jose@cswnetwork.org

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