NPR Story on MSW: To Make Science Real, Kids Want More Fun

Are American kids being adequately prepared in the sciences to compete in a highly competitive, global high-tech workforce? A majority of American parents say no, according to a poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.

Nearly one-quarter of all parents said their child’s school today doesn’t put enough emphasis on science curricula. And 30 percent of parents with children in kindergarten up through fifth grade say there’s too little emphasis on science.

Op-Ed in SF Chronicle: Standards are fine, but get real science into our classrooms

The world of K-12 science education is again bubbling with talk of new curriculum standards (the Common Core State Standards) about what areas of science need to be taught and how they shall be taught. This is and should be of vital concern to educational policymakers and administrators. Yet the best standards in the world may not translate into real experiences with real things right in the classroom.